Finding them

This is another method I use to find items, but without using business to business sites. I mainly use this to acquire Playstation 3 consoles, but there are many applications. What I do is scour local classifieds, eBay, Craigslist etc… What I am looking for is broken/as-is Playstation 3 consoles. Specifically, I am looking for units that are broken (yellow light), but come with their accessories such as the cables, controllers, and maybe even games. If you find a unit that is the console, and only the console, you can rest assured that the seller has done everything within their power to repair it. Not worth your time. They already sold the accessories. If it comes with the accessories, the seller likely didn't deem the repair worth their time, bought a new console, and are simply trying to get some of their money back. These units can usually be acquired for between $80-$90, and are usually a worthy investment.

Now I am no technition, so what do I do with these consoles? Simple. I sublet the repair to someone who has experience repairing these consoles. People that do these types of repairs can generally be found on Craigslist or other classified sites. Since I am bringing him a lot of business, I also bargained a deal. He repairs each console for a flat rate of $35, and he gives me a 90 day guarantee on the console.

In the end, I sell these on eBay, where I generally average $190 for each console. I offer a 60 day guarantee. This gives some time to make good on the 90 day guarantee the repair man gives me. If there is a problem with the console, the seller ships it back. I then take it to my repair man where he either repairs the console again and renews the 90 day warranty or he tells me there is no hope in repairing the console and gives me money back. I then sell the console as broken/as-is to minimize my losses.