Alibaba is a business to business (b2b) company in Asia. It is the biggest b2b company in existence with over 65 million registered users. If you have a manufacturing company and you are not listed on Alibaba, you're not doing it right. While the resources available on Alibaba are nothing short of amazing, it is also a dangerous place to throw money around. It is chauked full of scammers. Aliabab does offer some level of buyer protection, but I wouldn't expect much help if I lost my money to one of their suppliers.

Alibab does have escrow, Alipay, but it's purely optional for suppliers to use it. It's counterpart Aliexpress forces suppliers to use escrow.

Founder: Jack Ma

Year founded: 1999

Sites like Alibaba

There really are no other sites exactly like Alibaba. Listed below are some of the most popular b2b sites. They are different in that you for the most part, you find products and purchase them as you would most commerce sites. You don't even have to talk to the supplier. On Alibaba, you negotiate your own price most of the time.