Welcome to DontLetChinaScamYou.com. We wish to be your guide for finding global wholesalers, and best of all, getting the products you want at a price you can make a profit from.

Do read through the guide. There is a lot of information there that will help any beginning entrepreneur and even experienced entrepreneurs in an ever-changing global economy. Check out the forums for discussions.

A lot of people look at huge auction sites such as eBay as a great opportunity to make extra income. Many people that use our methods make a very good living. They find their niche, and they eventually quit their day jobs to focus their time on their new business.

The basic setup is easy. You buy popular products at wholesale prices. You then resell them for a profit. Sounds easy enough, but where do you find the wholesalers?

There are many business to business sites out there, but who do you trust? That’s where we come in. You get to benefit from our multiple years of experience in wholesaling. We’ll teach you how to weed out the scammers so you can find honest suppliers who will allow you to make a small investment to start your new business. Many of these suppliers will allow you to dropship, which means you don’t have to keep inventory onhand, and therefore don’t have to make an initial investment.

We’ll also tell you how to find items for resell right in your own hometown!